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Artist : Marco A. Williams
Studio : Los Angeles CA, U.S.A.

Hailing from Los Angeles the mecca of entertainment and conceptual design. NorthPrime was developed by M.Williams over the last decade, foreseeing that the future was in the digital realm. It was within this mindframe that Williams began piecing together the design structure that has become NorthPrime.

Being at the forefront of cutting edge design, North has contributed to companies such as motorcycle powerhouse Harley-Davidson, legendary surf brands such as Maui & Sons, style marketing and concept design for TRENDnet Electronics, as well as projection graphics for Drum and Bass innovator Photek Productions' concert tours.

When granted the prestige of designing graphics for Harley-Davidson's 100th Anniversary bike the challenge was met with sold out editions worldwide. It is Williams's perpetual goal to always be at the forefront in digital concept and design while still committed to the physical elements of the arts.

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Skills : Illustration, Graphic Design, Silkscreen Print, Print Production, Web Design, Product Development, Plotter Operations, CAD Layout, Video Editing, Concept Design, Laser Etching, Marketing Design, 3-D Modeling, Airbrush.